Trading Club for Investors

Trading Club for Investors

WEIDI TRADING™ Investors` Club has been primary founded for the purpose of capital conducting, associating and supporting the investors operating in capital markets.

Join us and trade with us. Connect your account with our and than automatically open trades which we execute on our accounts. For beggining investors we provide support and educations.

Trading Club for Investors

Join us and copy our trades

We making bridge between Investor’s account and portfolio manager.


  • 1-5% profit per month (12-60% p.a.).
  • The owner of account is investor.
  • Your money are always accessible.
  • Trading pursuance automatically.
  • 50% allotment earnings from realized gain.
  • Deposits start at 10.000 USD.

How it works

Easy. Everything working full automatically. If you have an active trading account, we will create a connection through specialized software between your and our trading account. So you copy all trade transactions, which are executed with our own accounts.

We have perfect solution for investors which are interested in active conduction of equity through our portfolio manager.