Trading Club for Investors

Trading Club for Investors

Asset Management and Private Equity. We invest in capital markets.

WEIDI TRADING™ Investors` Club has been primary founded for the purpose of capital conducting, associating and supporting the investors operating in capital markets.

Join us and trade with us. Or connect your account with ours and then automatically open markets which we execute on our open accounts with modern account platform PAMM.

For beggining investors we provide support and education. Our community collaborate with concerned clients on international level.

Trading Club for Investors

Asset Management

Individual management of Private Equity on capital markets and FOREX.


  • 1-5% profit per month (12-60% p.a.).
  • Payment of profits monthly.
  • Deposits start at 10.000 USD.
  • Your money are always accessible.

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PAMM Trading

Electronic connection of Investor’s account with ours Asset Management account.


  • The owner of account is investor.
  • Trading pursuance automatically.
  • 50% allotment earnings from realized gain.
  • Your money are always accessible.

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Support and Education

Royal Support and Education, which leads you on to course of professional trader and consistent earnings.

  • Intensive education for 6 months.
  • Trading appreciation of huge institutes.
  • Gaining of self-confidence for trading.
  • Ability to become a professional trader.
  • WEIDI TRADING™ certificate.

And the cleverest will become a part of our team.

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Trading Club for Investors